The latest news from the IYGU - September

Keep reading to go over the most important events, updates, and developments for the IYGU
IRAN RAC Corporation in Animal Sterilization program in Tehran

Dogs often live near people and provide benefits including companionship, security and assistance. Some working dog is even trained to detect diseases in humans and protect livestock
Say No to Plastic Bag 11 July: “Say No to plastic Bag” Day

Did you know? Plastic bags are made from polymers derived from petroleum. Just 8.7 plastic checkout bags contain enough embodied petroleum energy to drive a car one kilometer.

The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU), together with Mémoire de l’Avenir (MDA), the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH) and Most-UNESCO will be putting out a Call to Action, to launch an upcoming art competition.