·         The Global Understanding Program connects local actions and global challenges.

·         The Global Understanding Program focuses on the global sustainability of local action.

·         The Global Understanding Program recognizes culturally different paths to global sustainability.

 The Global Understanding Program addresses the ways in which we inhabit an increasingly globalized world. How do we transform nature? How do we build new social and political relationships for the emerging global reality? Societies and cultures determine the ways we live with and shape nature. They influence how we perceive the global consequences of our everyday actions. We need to understand what our daily actions mean for the world as a whole in order to

overcome global challenges.


(Jena, 21 March 2018) UNESCO honours geography with a Chair on Global Understanding for Sustainability. It will part of worldwide network of over 700 UNESCO chairs to support the teaching and research goals of the world cultural organization. The social geographer Prof. Benno Werlen, will hold the chair at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany)