According to Global Understanding Programs bottom - up streaming approach, Global Understanding Program has established Regional Action Centers- RACs all around the world.

Based on local culture, society context, nature and economic conditions; These RACs should put their efforts on Training, Researching and Informing people about global challenges and their daily activates effects on them.

SDS Int'l Group as an organization who provides Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development Planning and Implementation in country and region; has been selected as a RAC by Global Understanding Program.

SDS Int'l Group (From here on IRAN- RAC)'s strategies in Research, Training and Informing are:

·         Provide Training Services and Informing Target Groups about Global Challenges and the effects of their daily activities on them.

·         Research and data gathering about best practices on sustainable change and introduce them to the target groups.


Target Groups (3Ps):

1.      Private Sector

2.      Public Sector 

3.      People


To Download IRAN Regional Action Center of Global Understanding Program Presentation, click here