Environment can roughly define as the sum total of all conditions and influences that affect the life and development of organisms. Lives originated and flourish on earth because of the environment. Every organism influences its environment and in turn gets influenced by it. We are an integral part of the environment.

    Among all living organisms man influences environment the most and can also modify the environment to some extent as per his needs. Changes in environment affect us. Man has been influencing the environment since the beginning of human civilization through his activities.

    Rapid population growth, industrialization, faster modes of transport, urbanization and increasing human activities has contributed to the pollution of environment. Environmental pollution has several impacts on society. Environmental pollution causes serious problems like global warming, depletion of ozone layer, extinction of biodiversity etc. Large scale degradation of the environment not only causes pollution but may jeopardize the very existence of human society.

    There is no end to human needs. Desire to develop is one of the basic need of human beings. To satisfy his increasing needs and to develop man has been exploiting nature vigorously which led to serious environmental degradation and pollution. This may have the following impact on society.

1. Environmental pollution resulted in increase of temperature of atmosphere which resulted in global warming.

2. Air pollution resulted in depletion of ozone layer which causes multiple health hazards.

3. It may lead to acid rain and smog.

4. It spreads different kinds of diseases in society.

5. It affects the fertility of soil and resulted in food shortage.

6. Environmental pollution is a formidable threat to the quality of life and put a check on development process.

7. It fosters environmental awareness among different sections of society.

8. It leads to climate change which affects production and life style.

9. It disturbs terrestrial ecosystems and animal life.

10. It led to frequent occurrence of environmental disaster and there by brings changes in society.

11. It puts renewed emphasis on non-conventional energy sources.

12. It creates need for proper planning and efficient environmental management.

13. Economic development is replaced by sustainable development.

14. It creates need for conservation or protection of environment for a healthy living.

15. It creates need for compensating afforestation on the patita or non-forest lands.


SDS Int’l Group as IRAN RAC decides to accept responsible and active people as Member in Environmental field as Watch or Case reporter. These members promote environmental friendly culture in community and prepare report to regional action for Best practice or environment violation action with proposed solution 


Protecting Animal Life in Communities

Water Management

Waste Management