Honorary Members  
The grade of Honorary Member is a significant honor bestowed by IRAN Rac and is awarded for life to an individual.    
Global Understanding Program  
Global Understanding Program addresses the ways in which we inhabit an increasingly globalized world. How do we transform nature? How do we build new social and political relationships for the emerging global reality?    
Global Understanding Program Challenges  
Our environment is changing in many ways and at unprecedented rates: climate change, biodiversity loss and loss of ecosystems, increase in the frequency and severity of extreme events, desertification and soil degradation, overfishing and deforestation are just some of the many environmental challenges we are faced with.    
Global Understanding Key Messages  
Everyday actions matter for global climate change. Everyday decisions depend on lifestyle. A global view reduces the risk of regional conflicts    
How to Do It  
The focus will be on developing strategies for targeted local projects with a global reach. There are three elements to this: research, education, and information.    
Global Understanding Program Partners  
Currently, the initiative is sponsored by institutions with global reach as well as by local partners. We envision a broad network of organizations working together to carry off the year. In this, the year will bring together scientific actors from wide range of disciplines from the humanities, social and natural sciences as well as engineering.